10 April 2008

Out of Touch...temporarily

God has a funny sense of humor. On Tuesday evening, I was at a meeting where I was asked the question: If given a choice, which modern convenience would you chose if you could have only one: your cell phone, your vehicle, or your computer with Internet access? Something to think about, huh?

Well, I chose my cell phone. Since I have a BlackBerry which gives me computer/Internet access, and I share a vehicle with my mother right now (long story) and I am blessed to live in a city where there is a good public transportation system, I stated that my cell phone is my one "necessary, cannot live without it, modern convenience." This morning I woke up and my cell phone was flashing "SIM Card Rejected." ARGH!!! Like I said, my Heavenly Father loves making me laugh...even when I am not so sure that I appreciate His sense of humor.

So, today I have to act like I acted before I had a cell phone - and definitely before I had a BlackBerry. Wow! Will that even be possible? I mean, all my contacts and information are stored in that little device that I keep on my hip and/or in my purse. Through it, I keep in contact with family, relatives, friends. And right now, due to an ongoing medical crisis, it is a vital link of communication between me and my retired, stay at home mother who is under doctor's orders not to speak...by the way, text messaging is a wonderful thing when you don't have a voice. How will I ever survive?

My early morning phone call to my cellular carrier netted no good, immediate results. They told me that some time today, I need to leave my job, go find one of their stores and (1) test my SIM card in another phone; and then (2) if it is indeed an issue with the SIM card, they will replace it (at no cost to me), but it will take approximately two hours for the card to be up, functioning and active. AND THEN, I still have to restore all my information back to the SIM card from my computer. [They didn't even tell me what I might have to go through if the issue is not really the SIM card...let's not even think about THAT scenario!]

This is enough to frustrate even the calmest person...and I have never claimed to be that. I am continually praying for patience...CONSTANTLY! However, as I rode to work this morning [without listening to my audiobook because that is loaded onto my BlackBerry through Audible.com - I'm telling you, my BlackBerry is an addiction, but that's a thought for another blog on another day], I had this thought: Aren't you glad that God's "SIM card" is always working and available? That, no matter the time of day (or night), He is always there for me...and for you. Can you imagine the world of hurt we would be in if, when we tried to reach Him we got a busy signal - or, as is happening with my cell phone right now, our messages went straight to voice mail? I am glad that He is God and that He is always available to us.

Be blessed.

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