03 April 2008

"Clothed in my right mind..."

All my life I heard people pray, "and thank you Lord for waking me up 'clothed in my right mind'", but it is only as I have become an adult that I have realized how powerful a request that truly is. We take for granted each night when we lay down to sleep and rest that, not only will we wake up in the morning, but that when we do, we will be aware and cognizant of what is going on, where we are, who we are - and most importantly, Who God is.

How amazing is it that God takes the time to breathe the breath of life into our nostrils each morning - and while doing so, makes sure that we have whatever we need to get through the day ahead - including good mental faculties.

Now, some of my friends (and especially my relatives) might disagree that I am ever "in my right mind", but what do they know? They are entitled to their opinions, no matter how erroneous they may be...but I praise God each morning that I wake up and am aware:

- aware that every blessing I receive is from Him;

- aware that it is not just happenstance that I made it through the night without incident - no phone calls to come to the hospital or mortuary, no invasions of my home and property;

- aware that He is God and that He loves me...in spite of myself most of the time.

What an awesome, amazing, fabulous thing to recognize each and every morning.

I pray that you are "clothed in your right mind" as you read this...and as you go through this day...and every day of your life.

Be blessed.

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