15 April 2008

Blooming Magnolia

Last March, my mother retired from working (Lucky, sorry BLESSED, woman...) and in commemoration of the event, I purchased a Japanese Magnolia tree for our yard. That poor tree! It sat in its pot, in our garage, for over a month as I waited for my brother to come over and dig the hole for it to be planted and then, the southeastern region of the country where I live suffered a MAJOR drought last year and due to watering restrictions, I truly thought the tree would not make it. I am sure my neighbors wondered why every bit of liquid I could find was doused on this little tree. I mean, coffee, tea, watered down juice - if it was left in a glass or bottle as I headed out the door, it got dumped on this tree. Then the winter came and it was BITTERLY cold. Hey, this is my first tree - I didn't put mulch around the base or cover it up or anything...it was totally on its own. I was thinking, "Good thing Home Depot has a one year guarantee on its plants - now, where did I put that receipt?"

So imagine my surprise when my mother said to me one day, "did you see the buds on the magnolia tree?" I went outside and looked and sure enough - green leaves were forming all over the tree. Amazing. And then last week, a bloom appeared. I had to take a picture - and share it with you! Despite the lack of proper nutrition and care, the tree appears to be flourishing. Amen to that.

But it makes me think: I am like that magnolia tree - I have been bumped around, been dumped on, left in a pot in the garage (not literally, but you know what I mean) - and even when others would look at me and think that I'm done, God still had, sorry - still HAS a spark of life growing within me below the surface. I am blooming...watch me!

Be blessed.

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