01 April 2008

OMG! I'm pregnant!

April's Fools! hahaha. Surely, you didn't think that I was about to announce a pregnancy, did you? Shame on you!

As a child, I dreaded April's Fools Day and being caught looking foolish because of some prank. I would determine early in the morning on April 1st - "you will NOT fall for any foolish pranks, you will NOT, you will NOT" - and inevitably, "ooo, watch out! you have a bug crawling in your hair" would have me running across the school playground with everyone laughing at me. Because you see, the best pranks always have some element of believe-ability or truth in them.

Picture the Garden of Eden, when Eve went for a walk without her husband and the serpent said to her, "Hey Eve! Can't you eat of EVERY tree in the garden? What? Not this one? Why not? The fruit is good and sweet and tasty and nothing will happen to you if you eat it...nothing happened to me...it just made me "better"...I mean, I can talk! You should try it...who knows what you will be able to do if you just try it..." It was all just a prank by the enemy...and we are still paying for it.

But I digress (slightly). There is an element of truth to the title of today's blog as well. See, I am "pregnant"...pregnant with ideas - not only for this blog, but for my life. For a long time, I have been stagnant - sitting /hoarding / underutilizing the talents that God instilled in me - but now is the time to nurture them so that "in due season", I will give birth to what God truly wants me to be and do and achieve. Hope you will stay around for the journey. I trust it will be VERY INTERESTING...

Be blessed!

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