23 April 2008

Happy Secretaries, I mean, Administrative Professionals Day

Another Hallmark holiday, if you ask me. Today is the day when bosses are supposed to express their appreciation to their employees. In the old days, when the holiday was first implemented, it was called Secretaries Day...over time, and with the invention of "political correctness" (and that's a subject for another blog at another time!), the name changed to Administrative Assistant Day to the current Administrative Professionals Day. WHATEVER!

And now, at my firm, it has become a week long celebration - full of wonderful treats, surprises and gifts. I realize that I am blessed to work in an environment that I love and that I have bosses who treat me well on a daily basis. I realize that is not always the case for people in today's working environment. (Believe me, I have worked places where "abuse" was the norm.) BUT even though it is my testimony that I am treated well, if my attorneys treated me shabbily 364 days out of the year, it would not matter to me if they were only nice to me on the 4th Wednesday of April of each year just because that has become the "thing to do".

Aren't you glad that God doesn't bless us only on Hallmark holidays? That His love for us is consistent 24/7/365 - even when our service, love and devotion to Him is not? I know I am. Just something to think about as you go through your day today.

Be blessed.

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