24 February 2010

Your name is safe…

There are a lot of people talking about “trust” these days. Lots of my Facebook friends are putting up quotes about “trust” as their status comments. People are talking about whether we can “trust the government” or not – whether we can “trust” what we are hearing from the news media (and I personally think that depends on which news sources you rely on). Can we “trust” the food we eat, the products we buy, and in light of the recent Toyota debacle, the cars we drive? And then there is always the question of “trust” when it comes to our interpersonal relationships with family, loved ones, co-workers and friends.

I recently had a conversation where the name of a friend I hadn’t spoken to in a long time came up. After finishing my conversation, I sent my friend a text message telling him that I had been talking about him and it made me think of him and that I hoped he was doing well. It was not very long afterwards that I got a phone call from this person wanting to know who I was talking to you and what I had said. I shook it off at the time, but when I thought about it later, my feelings were a little hurt. Did he not “trust” that anytime I spoke of him, it would complimentary and with love? Of course it would – he’s my friend. And shouldn’t it be that way with all true friends?

I read a quote once (and I wish I knew it or where I saw it so that I could quote it properly, but) it said something like: I know you are my friend because I know I can trust my name in your mouth. Wow. Think about that, because that is powerful. I have friends in my life that I KNOW I can trust them with my name in their mouths. Unfortunately, I also have acquaintances and relationships where that is not a statement I can make with the same level of certainty. And in all honesty, there are some relationships that I have in my life that I have to bite my tongue in order for my words to be trustworthy. I am not always successful in my attempts to bite my tongue, but I am working on that. (Pray for a sista, will ya?).

There is a book (that I have never read, but that my brother keeps pressing me to read) called THE FOUR AGREEMENTS. Apparently, there are four things you should do in your life in order to be happy and successful. One of the agreements is that you should be “impeccable with your words.” I take this to mean, say what you mean and mean what you say. But I also think it means that, when talking about someone, you shouldn’t say anything behind their backs that you couldn’t (or wouldn’t) say to their face. Let your words be “trustworthy” at all times.

In a world that has proven that we need to be careful where we put our trust, I want to remind you that there is one thing you can ALWAYS trust in no matter what, where or how: the love of God is constant and true. You can ALWAYS trust your name in His mouth. You can ALWAYS trust your life in His Hands.

Be blessed.

© 2010 Kristina E. Smith

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