05 February 2010

10 days straight...

I like to write. I like expressing my thoughts and opinions of a variety of subjects and that is primarily why I started writing a journal when I was a child, and why I write my blog. I have been told (several times) that I have a book inside of me and asked when am I going to write it. And you know, the thought percolates in my mind every once in a while. But writers have to write - most tell you they write every day - and the "pressure" of writing every day has always been a challenge for me. ALWAYS. Who has the time? And what can you POSSIBLY write about every single day?

Today marks the tenth day in a row that I have taken netbook in hand and typed something. As my cousin Kelly so eloquently pointed out to me ("That's all?"), it is not a major, overwhelming, give the girl a prize, number of days - but for me, it is significant because it is something that has never been done - or at least, hasn't been done in a LONG while. Life gets in the way of "meaningless" pursuits like writing. I mean, someone has to go to work, cook the meals, pay the bill, buy the shoes...ok, maybe not...but carving out time each day to write: that takes conscious effort and dedication.

So, I've changed my routine. In the morning, after I've had my devotion for the day, before I get out of bed, before I log on to Facebook, before I turn on the phone - I write. Sometimes, the idea of what to write about is there: right in the forefront, already fully developed; other times, I have a “theme” and I just go from there (those writings usually take twists and turns of their own – it’s fascinating); and then, there are mornings like today when I have absolutely NO IDEA what to write about – so I just pick a subject and run with it. It makes for an interesting hodgepodge of thoughts and ideas though and I, personally, love it.

It takes dedication to do this writing thing every day. There are mornings when I feel rushed – too many things on tap to do to stop and spend 20 minutes writing – and am tempted to put it off until later in the day. How many of you know that if I do that – the writing doesn’t get done? And if you miss one day, it is easy to miss the next and then another – and before you know it, a month has gone by and you get a call from your father saying, “I notice you haven’t written any blogs lately” – and then the guilt starts. (Sorry, maybe that only happens to me – hahaha)

And have you seen the competition? EVERYBODY has a blog these days. Or at least it seems that way. And with all the "noise" out there, what value does anything I might say have? I have several friends who write blogs - and I read their stuff and sometimes am "intimidated" by the wealth of talent out there. Some write very simple, short (yeah, I haven't mastered THAT yet), meaningful, walk away with something messages that stick with me throughout the day. Others, like me, write stories, mini-books, with a theme/thought for the day. All have a place. All have value.

I have found that dedication to the task and perseverance no matter what each have their reward. Sometimes my “written ramblings” touch a chord in someone else – the human experience is linked in fascinating ways – and they are blessed. And sometimes, they are moved to make a comment - sometimes positive, occasionally negative, but ALL feedback is good (my opinion). When someone writes and tells me their feelings about something I wrote, I am blessed by it - so keep the comments coming.

I’ma keep on writing. And the daily toll and count of blogs will (prayerfully) continue to grow. I'm only 10 submissions from blog #200!! That is amazing to me - and it challenges me to stay on track. However, if I miss a day, will you encourage (and not condemn) a sista to get back on track? Thanks in advance.

Be blessed – and have a great, fabulous, marvelous weekend.

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