07 February 2010

“There’s an app for that…”

After YEARS of being a BlackBerry girl, I just switched over to an android based phone, the Motorola Cliq, and am learning my way around the touch screen and slide keyboard and all this other new technology now available at my fingertips. For my friends on the “dark side” (iPhone aficionados), I am one step closer to “crossing over”, but I am still resistant. I have a personal grudge against AT&T and right now, they are the only phone company supporting the iPhone, so … no iPhone for me in my near future. (And yes, I know Verizon is supposed to be next to support the iPhone, but I am a T-Mobile girl. I have my loyalties!)

The most fun part of my new phone is the app market….(cue background harps!) We've all seen the commercials: "Wanna know what the latest review of today's hit movie is - there's an app for that." Can I just say: what a joy it has been to go “shopping” on my phone! I mean, there is EVERYTHING you can imagine available in the app market: ringtones, movie quotes, clip art, games, movie showtimes, restaurant reviews, star gazer information, breaking news reports – you name it, and there is probably an app out there for it. And most apps are FREE!!! Yes, I said it, FREE. And even the ones that cost are usually only $1 or less. And there are “meaningful” apps as well – I downloaded the King James version of the Bible to my phone – haven’t checked it out for use-ability yet, but its there if I need it. And there is a Conflict of the Ages book series available as an app as well (and all my Adventist friends go…Oooo!) Gotta get that as well.

I was recently at a wedding reception where a table of friends were comparing, swapping and discussing the apps on their phones. (Hey! the wedding party was taking pictures and the buffet wasn't open yet - we had to do SOMETHING to pass the time!) It was funny to be a part of the conversation and to see what apps people have on their phones. Some people are very secretive about their apps, others more open and sharing. People were sharing apps (or at least sharing the news about their favorite apps) and I hear that you can even sync your phones in such a way that you can easily swap apps from one phone to another. And this love of apps impacts young and old. This past Sabbath, I handed over my phone to a young(er) friend of mine and he immediately started scrolling through my apps page to see what apps I had. Not that I have anything to hide, but for a second I was like, “uh…what are you doing?” “I’m just looking at your apps, Miss Kristina” Like I said, glad I didn’t have anything on there that he couldn’t see…well, maybe there is that one app that I’m glad he didn’t see…hahaha

Got me to thinking though: what if there was an app for salvation? Would we all be quick to download that to our phones? Would we spread the good news to our family and friends? Would we share the app with others? Would we sync our phones to ensure that our friends and loved ones had the app on their phones as well – because what would heaven be like without our friends and loved ones there? Why don’t we get as excited about sharing God’s love with our friends who may not know Him yet as we do about the latest new technological gadget or idea or app? I just wonder. God’s love is free and available to all of us – whether we have an iPhone or some other droid-software-based phone. All you need to do to connect with Him is think a thought, say a prayer, read your Bible – He is always there, always available, always free and there are never any downloading issues or problems. Just a thought.

Be blessed.

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