04 February 2010

Cloud formations…

I am a big fan of sunrises…and sunsets. On vacation, I have been known to get up EARLY in the morning, grab my camera and go find a spot to watch the sun come over the horizon. It is always remarkable to me to see the light change in the sky as the sun makes its appearance for the day – usually the colors of the sunrise are paler, more subtle and harder to capture on film. The subtle transformation from darkness to pale greys and pinks and blues – just beautiful to behold. And the world is usually quiet then – watching the sunrise tends to be a solitary event as most people are still snoozing, especially when you are on vacation.

Sunsets, on the other hand, are usually more vibrant in color. Bold reds, vibrant oranges and sometimes bright pinks dominate the sky at the end of the day. Nothing like being at a beach, looking over some water, as the sun slowly descends and kisses the horizon goodnight. (Did you know that there is an ancient saying that if you listen really really closely as the sun sets, you can hear a “click” as it hits the horizon? Yeah, I’ve never heard it, but I think that is fascinating.) While on vacation, you can usually get someone to stop for a moment and watch the sunset with you – but oftentimes, back at home, in the everyday hustle and bustle of life: sunsets are missed and/or ignored.

Unless they are just amazingly spectacular or different. I work on the 40th floor of a high rise building in a metropolitan city. The orientation of the windows of my office is westward, so every night (if I take the time), I can see the sun set. Now, with all the building clutter, I cannot see the sun hit the horizon, but I can see and appreciate the colorful display that God blesses us with each evening…if I take time to get up and look out the window. My desk does not have a window view, so unless I get up, I usually miss it. UNLESS one of my co-workers (who are blessed with windows) makes some noise about the sunset. That is what happened on yesterday. “Come see! You have GOT to see this sky tonight!”, my co-worker exclaimed. Dutifully, I got up to see what he was talking about and grabbed my camera. The attached picture is the result. (If you look really closely at the picture, you can see my camera reflected in the window)

When you see something like that – how can you NOT believe in the awesome and creative power of God? And that LITERALLY was my immediate reaction to seeing this cloud formation in the sky through my office window. God is amazing – He puts this in the sky for our enjoyment and I wondered how many people, driving home on I-75/85 last night, even took the time to look up and notice? How many were too busy concentrating on what their plans were for the evening, or yelling at their kids in the backseat, or being despondent over something that happened at work – to even notice? I know I have been guilty of not noticing. I wonder if it makes God sad that we take sunsets for granted?

We should really pay more attention to the sky. Take the time to stop and look up every once in a while. Bible tells me that there will be a day (soon, I hope) when everyone is gonna be looking up – whether they consciously want to or not. There is going to be a cloud formation that shows up in the eastern sky that is gonna be unlike any other cloud formation ever formed in the history of man. See, this cloud won’t be made up of water particles, but of angels – coming to take us home to live with the Lord. The Bible tells us that EVERY EYE is gonna see this cloud coming…EVERY person will stop and take notice. Some with great anticipation – some with fear and trembling. I’m praying to be a part of the first group. I’m praying you are too. Maybe stopping to look at sunrises and sunsets is one way to prepare for that event. Maybe.

Be blessed.

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