25 February 2010

Too much “noise”

I am a “gadget junkie”. I love my iPod, my Netbook, my BlackBerry – oops, my Motorola Cliq – all the gadgets that keep me plugged in, connected, and entertained. I have been known to turn around and go home if I have left any of the above at home – and this is even during a simple run to the grocery store. And being in places where one or the above doesn’t work as it should (like my grandmother’s house in Florida) drives me absolutely bonkers. With all the gadgets comes all the things they keep my plugged into: Facebook, email (of which I have several accounts), NPR, music, calendar reminders – the list goes on and on. Five years ago, most of these things didn’t even exist and yet now, I (along with LOTS of my friends – and you know who you are) cannot survive. (or so we believe).

Lately though, I am getting tired of all the “noise” associated with being as plugged in as I am. More and more I find myself turning the ringer off my phone because I am irritated by the buzzing that occurs to let me know I have yet another incoming text or Facebook message. I have missed many phone calls as a result. I recently made a young friend of mine laugh when, while trying to set up a time to talk with her, I told her that I needed to make a note to myself to remember to turn the ringer back on my phone so that I would not miss her call at the appointed time. Yeah, it can be THAT bad sometimes. So, how do I balance my “need to know” with my “need for peace and quiet”?

I haven’t found the proper balance yet. I am still searching, so if anyone has any ideas, feel free to share. But don’t get crazy with it. My dad doesn’t believe in text messages, but that is not an option for me. Sometimes, I truly don’t have time for a telephone conversation – and neither do my friends. A text message helps us get the important information across quickly (if I can remember to read the message.) My mom doesn’t believe in Facebook, but again, my addiction won’t let me (easily) give that up. I am learning how to slowly carve out blocks of “quiet time” just for me. I don’t turn on the computer in the morning until AFTER I’ve had my morning devotion. I don’t log on to Facebook as early (or as often) as I used to. The iPod is not clicked on while I’m still bleary-eyed. And the ringer on the phone doesn’t get turned on before noon. That’s just how I’m handling it … for now.

I wonder how God handles all the “noise” He hears – from our prayers, petitions, and complaints. Because of Who He is, I know He handles it a lot better than I would. He is ALWAYS available and His “phone” is never turned off. And ain’t that good news?

Be blessed.

© 2010 Kristina E. Smith

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