01 August 2008

Roof repairs, rollercoasters and rain delays

God has a funny sense of humor. I hope you have experienced this for yourself, but can I say: sometimes when it happens to you, it ain't so funny.

In March of this year, Atlanta was hit by a tornado, and then the next day, there was a hailstorm in my neighborhood. As a result, I suffered some damage to my roof. We contacted State Farm and filed the claim and after interviewing five different roofing companies, two weeks ago, I picked a company and told them to come on and repair the roof. I thought it was all fortuitous that I was already scheduled to be on vacation this week and asked them to do the repairs this week - you know, so I could be home when the repairmen were crawling around on my roof. So, Monday came, nothing...Tuesday nothing,...Wednesday, the roofing supplies were delivered and I thought, "surely, this means the work will begin". NOPE. Thursday, I waited (im)patiently for the workmen to arrive, but nope...no one showed up. And today is Friday...supplies still in the driveway, no repairmen on the roof. Several calls to the roofing company netted no results and now, with the Sabbath approaching, it looks that the repairs won't be done until next week when I am back at work. That wasn't MY plan, but it obviously was God's.

And did I mention that it has rained almost every night this week? So, every night, there is the scramble to put down the towels and/or cardboard to catch the water from the leaks caused by the damage to the roof. And new leaks are springing up with each downpour. Or maybe it just seems that way.

Every morning this week, I've prayed that God would work it out that the roofers would come, fix the roof and life would move on. But I've also prayed that His will be done, and obviously there is some reason why, on this nice, beautiful, crisp, summer day there is no work being done on my roof. I am trying to be patient and let it all work out in His time, but I haven't been 100% successful - I haven't gone "angry Black woman" (yet), but I've come close. Pray for me, won't you?

So, where do the rollercoasters come in? I was supposed to go to Six Flags yesterday and ride rollercoasters with my cousin Jill. But she called me last Wednesday night to say that she would not be able to go. Turns out that right as we would have been standing in line for the Goliath (or any one of the other 9 rollercoasters in the park), the heavens opened up and rains came down. There was a reason that Jill and I were not out there when it happened. I was teased a lot by friends who said maybe I was too old to be doing rollercoasters anyway...guess we'll never know...although Jill and I have plans to try and go later in the summer. I'll keep you posted.

I have stated before that my favorite text is Jeremiah 29:11: "for I know the plans I have for you saith the Lord..." Some times those plans include rainstorms, delayed roof repairs and (not riding) rollercoasters.

Be blessed.

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