20 August 2008

Home ownership ain't for sissies...

The saga of my roof repair (or not) continues. If you have been following this drama, you know that it was in March 2008 that my roof was apparently damaged by a hailstorm following the tornado that struck my fair city. It was in June that my mother and I started gathering information about roofing companies and in mid-July, after an extensive round of interviewing companies and meeting with roofing company representatives, we picked a company, hired them and waited for our roof to be repaired.
...and waited
...and waited
...and waited.

Finally, one day in August, the materials to do the work on the roof were delivered to my house. Excitement reigned in the house because we'd been told, "the materials will be delivered one day, roof put on the next day, cleanup the following day". Yeah right. Materials were delivered on a Wednesday...Thursday, no roofers...Friday, no roofers...Monday, no roofers...and no matter how many times I called the contractor and/or the roofing company directly, I could not get anyone to answer one simple question: "WHEN Y'ALL GONNA COME AND FIX MY ROOF?"

Finally, one Tuesday morning, the roofers showed up. My old roof was torn off - a new roof put on...well, most of it anyway. Apparently, you have to take BOTH skylights off before you realize that the size you bought was too small and that you need to order the right sized skylights. So, you cover the holes with flashing (some aluminum type stuff) and duct tape and say, "yeah, that should hold it until we get the right sized skylights up here." And then you drive away...and the wait begins again.

It has been almost two weeks since the roof was put on my house and still...no skylights. Again, calls to the contractor net no response. I am sure that when I left the message for the contractor that the only reason I wasn't being "angry Black woman" with him was because no money had yet changed hands, he either got scared at the thought of my metamorphosis into such a creature, or he laughed at my feeble attempt at keeping my cool. When he finally did call me back (TODAY!!!), he told me that he'd just found out that the skylights may take up to FIVE WEEKS to be delivered from the distributor! FIVE WEEKS! Are they crazy?! He did offer this disclaimer: your roof should be secure, but if it rains and there is any damage, our company would be liable and will reimburse you any damage...UH DUH!

So, the wait begins again. I truly appreciate all my friends, loved ones and just generally nosey people who continue to ask me "So, what's going on with your roof?" - Well, here's your answer. NOTHING!!! Pray for a sista, will ya? I am really striving not to go "angry Black woman", but there's only so much a woman can take.

Be blessed.

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