08 August 2008

It's the weekend, baby...

...and I, for one, am glad. This has been a long week. I don't know why - it hasn't been particularly busy or trying or traumatic...although, if you count the ongoing issues with the repair of my roof - maybe I should rephrase/rethink that statement. It is not like suddenly there were more (or less) hours to the week - each day came with the same 24 hour period to it - and there were only six days since Sunday - but for some reason, I am just TYE-RED today...drained, exhausted.


A built-in day of rest. For those of you who may not know what I am talking about when I say the word "Sabbath", I'll explain. As a Seventh-day Adventist Christian, I believe every week ends with a 24 hour period of rest and relaxation in the Lord called the Sabbath. This 24 hour period begins at sunset on Friday and ends at sunset on Saturday. (Granted, some Adventists would disagree with that statement since it seems like more and more stuff gets stuffed into the Sabbath when you consider church and potlucks and AYS and "a quick five minute meeting in the mother's room after services" and..well, if you are Adventist, you know what I'm talking about...) But it is my belief that at the end of Creation Week, God took time to rest and He hallowed the day of rest which we now call the Sabbath. [See Genesis 2:2,3] I further believe that when He wrote out the Ten Commandments and gave them to Moses at Mount Sinai, He specified that the Sabbath as a day that we should come aside and commune with Him...in fact, it is the ONLY commandment that starts with the word "Remember", so it must have been pretty darn important. [See Exodus 20:8-11]

But on a more personal level, I think God (who sees all and knows all from the beginning of time to the end of time) - when He was creating the world looked down through the annals of time to August 8, 2008 and said, "you know, my daughter is going to be tired around 4:30p when it's time to get off work. If I don't set something in place that will give her "permission" to put her cares and worries aside and come and rest in Me, she will work herself into the ground. I think I'll set something in place that will make her pause and think and regroup and rest. I'll call it the Sabbath and maybe, just maybe, she'll appreciate it. Maybe she won't, but why don't I set it in place anyway, just in case she will."

He knows me well, don't He?

He knows you in the same way. I personally believe in the seventh day Sabbath - that means, for me, my "day" of rest is from Friday sunset to Saturday sunset. This is not the time, place or forum to get into a discussion about Sabbath worship v. Sunday worship. I just suggest to you to find some time this weekend to commune with the Lord. Whether you do it in a church building - or out in nature - or in the comfort of your own home - I encourage you to take some time to get back in touch with your Creator, commune with Him and find rest for your weary spirit.

Be blessed and have a great Sabbath.

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