25 August 2008

I just LOVE her!

I have NEVER watched a Democratic (or Republican) convention speech - EVER! I have never wanted to sit and listen to all the speeches. I mean, of course, you hear the highlights, the sound bites, what the news media and pundits want you to know. But I watched tonight because, as much as I love Barack, I have been fascinated by Michelle Obama since they, as a couple, entered the political fray. I wanted to hear what she had to say and how she would introduce her husband to the American people. I LOVE hearing the stories of how a couple meets and how they maintain the relationship over (in this case) 15 years. I LOVE how she spoke so lovingly about her parents and their influence in her life. I LOVE how she talked about her brother and their relationship. I LOVE how she talked about how her father's legacy shadows her daughter's future. Point is: I just LOVE her!

And she is BEAUTIFUL! Inside and out. Her giving up a high profile career as an attorney to dedicate her life to public service; her love for her children and I ain't mad at her for saying (several times), "I love my husband"; "this is why I fell in love with him" - that's right, girl! Stake your claim, stand by your man. Let all the floozies who are plotting their moves know there will NOT be a repeat of the Clinton debacle. (and you know there are some skeezers out there that are just waiting to be the next Monica Lewinsky of history!)

I liked her classiness in her speech as she paid homage to Hilary Clinton, who did put "18 million cracks in that glass ceiling so that others could follow". In a convention that is still fraught with Clinton supporter who may or may not support Barack's presidential race, I thought that was a classy move.

I think if we could elect our First Lady, Michelle Obama would win hands down. I mean, I would be willing to bet less than 20% of the people reading this can even tell me what John McCain's wife's first name is. Michelle was beautiful, eloquent, elegant, inspiring, humble and everything this country needs as we move through the next four years.

Only God knows what will happen in November, but I know who I'm voting for on November 4, 2008, and I cannot wait to see Michelle Obama in the White House as this country's First Lady.

Just my opinion.

Be blessed.

PS: Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr. made a significant impression tonight, as did Senator Ted Kennedy. I will be watching again tomorrow night to see what Senator Hilary Clinton has to say.

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