07 August 2008

Happy Anniversary!

Today marks 8 years on the job for me at the law firm where I currently work. WOW! 8 years! That's over 2,900 days of my life - a mere drop in the scheme of things when you consider how old I am, but still - the longest that I have ever worked anywhere on a consistent, without a break, daily basis. And for the most part, I still love my job and where I work. There have been some challenges recently, but God is in control of those challenges and I am just waiting for deliverance, which I know is sure to come. (Remember, I AM His favorite...hahaha)

In eight years, there have been a LOT of changes in my work environment - we have added 5 new office locations (including two on the West Coast); I have changed attorney pairings often enough that I no longer work with any of the people I was originally hired to work with - they have all left the Firm to pursue other options; there have been weddings and funerals and births and retirements; there have been pay raises (AMEN!) and schedule changes and 401K adjustments; friendships made and lost; hair style changes (I started locking my hair while working here); good times and bad.

It is a testament to God's goodness and love that I have reached this milestone in my professional career. It is a blessing to have a job to go to every day - especially in THIS economy. It is an additional blessing to love the job you go to every day. It is a blessing to work with people who edify, support and value you as my attorneys do. It is a blessing to have friendships at work that do that same. Now, I would never state that everything is perfect (I do live in the "real world"), but given the choice to be where I am or anywhere else working, I know I am blessed.

Here's to anniversary #8. Thank you Heavenly Father for the blessing. Now, help me use this blessing to bless someone else. 'Cause that's what it is all about anyway.

Have a great day and be blessed.

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