11 January 2009

I am a food snob...and proud of it!

Today I went to one of my favorite food shopping places - the DeKalb Farmers Market, affectionately called the DFM by those in the know. What an amazing place to shop if you are a "foodie" like me. Fruits, vegetables, produce from all over the world - they got stuff there that I don't know what it is or even how to begin to prepare it. And I am not yet brave enough to go up to complete strangers (as my mother has done) and ask, "what is that and what do you do with it?" (but I feel the courage to do that coming...) As I shopped today for things to prepare a healthy, nutritious and delicious meal for the evening, and as I got home and started chopping and storing and otherwise immersing myself in all the stuff I bought, I realized and (finally) admitted to myself that I am a food snob. My cousin Kelly and I discussed this a while back - she is one as well - and I didn't want to admit that I was a snob when it came to food, but I am finally able to admit it...and here's why:

- I will probably NEVER eat jarred salsa again. After eating fresh pico de gallo every day while I was in Mexico, I got spoiled. I came back home and tried to eat some chips and salsa and totally gagged. If I cannot make it fresh, I won't be eating chips and salsa. So, now you will always find roma tomatos, cilantro, fresh garlic, red onions, limes and fresh peppers (jalapenos, habeneros and green) in the fridge. Yes, it is more work, but SO TOTALLY WORTH IT!

- I like limes instead of lemons

- I like pepper jack and smoked gouda cheese and prefer those on my sandwiches over sliced American cheese - and I will NEVER eat Swiss cheese again - stuff tastes like plastic

- Fresh garlic is the only way to go - unless you are making a pot of brown rice, then dried minced or chopped will do

- I want to know how I ever lived 43 years of my life without knowing the pure joy of cilantro. I have years to make up.

- Fresh herbs are the way to go. I want one of those herb container gardens for the kitchen. I'll have one before the year is over.

- I like salmon more than tilapia or whiting or croaker or any other fish on earth

- Grilling on the George Foreman is the only way to cook said salmon. (Ok, my grill is a George Foreman knockoff, but it serves the same purpose)

- Marinades make everything - salmon, chicken, beef, vegetables - taste better. Go crazy and experiment, you might be surprised.

- I like grape tomatos - not cherry, grape tomatos - on my salads

- Pink olives in corriander sauce are better than black or green olives any day. (But yeah, that is a DFM speciality...) And they make a much better (and healthier) late night snack than potato chips or ice cream.

- And speaking of potato chips, they have to be rippled - and please, NO BAKED! What is the point of that?

- Cashews are the ultimate when it comes to nuts - although pistachios, almonds and dry roasted peanuts are ok as well. And all of these: lightly salted please

- Kosher salt brings out the best of everything, but use it sparingly

So, there you have it. My off the top of my head list that proves that I am indeed a food snob. Oh well. What are you a snob about? Have you admitted it to yourself and/or to others? You should try it - it is very liberating.

Be blessed.

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