17 January 2009

Have you heard...?

He's coming!
He's arriving today!
It's been months since we were told he was on his way, but today is finally the day.
Are you going to the celebration?
Will I see you in the crowd?
I heard people are traveling from all over to be a part of the event - I wonder if (insert name) will be there?
Did you buy a new outfit? a new hat? gloves and shoes and purse to match?
They say he will bring a change and Lord knows we need one.
The faithful few who stood by and waited patiently will be joined by brash, young upstarts and returning members to the fold - all because he's coming!
I better get there early in order to get my spot.
Have you heard?
Are you excited?
Or are you going to watch from the sidelines, contemptuous of all the hype and noise?
Will you embrace the change - run to it or run from it?
Are they playing drums?
Are they singing songs?
What's going on over there?
Man, I cannot see a thing.
I should have stayed home and watched this on TV or the Internet.
Have you heard?
He's coming!
Today is the day.

I wrote this in recognition of the arrival of our new pastor at my church today - but as I wrote it, I realized it could be taken in several different ways. On Tuesday, we will inaugurate the first African-American President of the United States and the buzz around that event could make even the most skeptical of critics of him stand up and take notice. [I have a DIE HARD African-American friend who is a Republican and voted for McCain who would barely talk to me during the entire Presidential race because of our differing political views who admitted to me that she will be watching on Tuesday - her "excuse": Well, Kristina, it's history in the making. Yes, it is.

But as I wrote the above, I thought about the pending (and prayerfully soon) return of Jesus Christ. Will we all be just as excited about His return as we are about Pastor Wesley Knight's taking of the pulpit at Decatur SDA Church today - or Barack (and Michelle)'s induction as the 44th President of the United States on Tuesday? Or will we be running to the hills saying, "hide me from the One Who sitteth on the Throne?" I pray I am one of those running TO Him and not FROM Him.

Be blessed.

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