10 January 2009

Greener on the other side? Maybe...not

Yesterday I confessed in a Facebook status that I was feeling a little bit jealous of some friends and their happiness. It was a momentary (and relatively brief) period of feeling sorry for myself [Yes, even as God's Favorite Child I have those moments!]. And it wasn't really so much about feeling jealous or envious of what was going on in my friends' lives - I AM happy for their successes and dreams achieved and loves and triumphs and positive things happening in their lives...TRULY!

BUT for a minute, I got caught up in the "well, why aren't my dreams being realized? Why haven't I achieved the goals I set for myself in 2008? How come I haven't found the man of my dreams and immersed myself in a relationship? And why isn't the bank account just a little bit more flush? And..." Ok, you get the picture...we all go through those periods of questioning and doubt and self-recrimination. And when you are in that dark place, it is easy to look at someone else's life and, without knowing the truth of their situation, making the assumption that they've got it going on and it's all roses and champagne for them.

A friend of mine (my twin) reminded me (ever so gently), that from the outside looking in, I don't know what they have gone through to reach that goal; they might be in a relationship that looks all bright and shiny from that outside, but is full of torment and torture; the bank account may be flush but the health is shot...the grass often looks green from the other side of the fence, but the water bill is probably a lot higher also. Thanks, Shun!

As I type this, my iPod suddenly started playing Martha Munizzi's I KNOW THE PLANS - a praise and worship song based on my favorite Bible passage, Jeremiah 29:11. I think that was God's way of reminding me, even today when I am past the state I was in yesterday, that He has wonderful, marvelous, fabulous things in store for me...if I will just patiently wait on Him and stop looking at what I perceive as going on for others. His plan for my life is perfect and in time, I will come into my own.

And so will you.
Be blessed.

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