12 May 2008

The power of the written word...

I love writing this blog, but I especially love getting feedback. What a powerful thing to be able to impact people with your thoughts and words. So I love when my friends reach out to tell me that a blog touched them or moved them or otherwise impacted their live, if only for a moment. Some comments have been tear-producing (in a positive way)- although, as one friend of mine told me recently, that doesn't take much these days. In fact, she has started calling me "Jeremiah's sister" after the weeping prophet of the Old Testament. (Am I really that bad? Don't answer that!)

Some comments have made me laugh. Like my friend, Erroll, who told me this weekend: "I really like your blog, but boy, you sure have a lot to say!" hahaha. He doesn't know the half of it. I have a notebook where I am jotting down ideas for future blogs. But since I only want to post one a day - I am sure there were several thoughts that will go unpublished.

Some comments have blown me away. Like when people write me to tell me, "your blog was JUST WHAT I NEEDED TODAY". How powerful is that?! That God would use ME(!!) to bless someone in a significant way. I stand in awe every time that happens because I truly am aware of the wretchedness of myself. So, all praise and honor to Him when/if you are ever blessed by anything I sit down to write.

Some comments have been encouraging and uplifting - a special shout out to my godsister in Seattle; to my boss' wife, whose comment in response to HONOR THY MOTHER was so amazing, I had to post it; to my co-worker (JJ) who has set a "to-do" reminder on her calendar to check my blog every afternoon at 1:00p - and if I don't have something posted, I get an email saying, "where's the blog?"; to my best friend from college, who used one of the blog messages in her radio ministry this past weekend; and to my other co-worker (JT) who consistently prays with and for me as I send these messages out into cyberspace. And, any time someone tells me that they passed the blog contents along to someone else, I am amazed and encouraged and amazed and inspired to keep writing. [Did I mention, amazed?]

But on another level, I understand the power of the written word. Over 2000 years ago, men, as they were moved by the Holy Spirit, wrote down some words that told the story about a Man who walked this earth and lived among us and then died to restore us to the perfect creations we are intended to be. For 2000 years, evil men have tried to destroy these writings, to discount the writings as "good stories" or fables or fairy tales. They have tried to negate the belief that people have in them - to no avail. The Bible remains the #1 bestselling book of all time and I, for one, don't believe that is just happenstance. There is power in the Word of God. If you haven't ever read it, I encourage you to do so. And if you have, I encourage you to spend more time reading it. I know I need to. It is so easy to get distracted by all the other ... stuff ... that is out there to read, but just a few minutes a day (to start) reading the Word of God can make a world of difference...

Thank you to all of you who take time to read this little blog. I pray that God will continue to use me to be a blessing to everyone who chooses to read this.

Be blessed.

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