09 May 2008

Honor thy mother...

Ok, so this should be a "no-brainer" since Sunday is Mother's Day. The day where everyone honors the woman who pushed them out into the world and gave them life..."I went through 42 hours of HARD LABOR to get you here and THIS is the thanks I get...!" (smile) So, here is my tribute to mothers everywhere:

To my mother - who endured the said 42 hours to birth me (and 28 hours to birth my brother); who had brain surgery when I was 6 years old and prayed to God that if someone else could raise her children better to take her life, but if it was her job to raise us, to spare her; who suffered years in an abusive marriage and became a better, stronger person because of it; who always supported any crazy idea my brother and I ever had; who still tries to dress me at age 43; who is always proud of me and is my staunchest supporter; who loves me unconditionally. Thank you for being the perfect mother for imperfect me.

To my godmother - who loves me as her own; who is a willing sound board when my mother gets on my last nerve and I cannot take it anymore! - (inside joke); who "oh, honey"'s me when I need to be "oh honey"ed.; who loves me unconditionally. Thanks Momma Anne.

To my paternal grandmother - who I speak with every Sunday morning from 7:00a until she stops talking; who has learned over the years to say "I love you the best way I know how" (and she does); who is learning to listen when I need to talk; who reminds me that my ultimate goal is heaven and whatever I have to go through here on earth is only temporary; who taught me the importance of independence, even in old age. To Miss T. Love you!

To my "other mother" who married my father; who challenges me to think for myself about what I need and should ask for from others; who, since we haven't always had a perfect relationship, continues to strive with me for a mutually acceptable middle ground of existence. It is not a perfect relationship, but it is getting better and I am happy for that.

To all my aunts, cousins and other family members who are mothers. Ok, I have a LARGE family, so I ain't even gonna try to name everyone here. You know who you are! Happy Mother's Day.

To my "play moms" who all play different roles in my life - or played them at different times in my life, but who also love me without judging, who support me with smiles, phone calls when I'm down, letters and cards that just say, "I was thinking about and praying for you." - to Jane B., Dr. Sis. Juanita B., Eliza S., Dolores K., and Leah M.

To my friends who constantly amaze me with their love, compassion, caring and support of their children as they struggle to raise them to be caring, compassionate, responsible people who love the Lord and their fellow men and women. Some are single and doing it all alone and my hat goes off to them especially. Some are married and juggle home, work, children and whatever else they have on their plates. Some are separated or divorced and dealing with those stresses while raising their children. And sadly, some are widows who find themselves alone at a time when they expected that their mate would be here to help raise their children to adulthood. So here's to: Linda A., Julie J., Jacquie T., Shana T., Deborah M., Vonda H., Metha C., Vicki M., Marecha B., Lisa S., Sue K., Sonya S., Tracey S., Laura H., Randi C., Pat C., Kendall T., Marion C., Brenda M., Robin W., Jackie Q., and countless others.

And finally, to the unsung women (like me) who have never birthed a child and yet, still "mother" others by caring for them or by mentoring them or by encouraging them. It takes a special woman to take on the cares, joys and sorrows of others when there is no "obligation" to do so. This tribute is to Ginny B., Carol M., Lisa A., Cheryl V., Alice H., Dorothy J., Tamika W., Cameron C. and others I am blessed to know.

[I am sure I am missing someone - I pray you will charge it to my head, not my heart]

To mothers - women - everywhere....be blessed and have a happy happy Mother's Day.

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