17 March 2009

Goal...not met...this time.

It's official. Today is day 90 on the Wii Fit and my goal to lose (murmuring behind hand) pounds in this time period meets with failure. Yeah, the snarky little scale on the Wii Fit "delighted" in informing me this morning, "Oh, it looks like you failed to meet your weight goal" (I'm not sure, I may have even GAINED! How is THAT possible!?) And then, it went on to say, "maybe your goal was too unrealistic. Maybe you need to (lower your standards) and set a goal that might actually be achievable." Now, this is the same little scale that 90 days ago told me that trying to lose this amount of weight in this amount of time was realistic and reasonable and...all throughout the 90 day period kept telling me "you are making good progress towards your goal" - "keep up the good work" - "slow and steady is the way to achieve your goals". LIAR!

Well, not really. I mean, those are the things you need to hear to encourage you to keep getting up at some God-awful hour in the morning, turn on the TV and get your butt in gear to do step aerobics or rhythm boxing or any of the other "games" on this device of torture. Or to keep you motivated on Sunday morning when all you'd rather do is crawl back into your bed instead of going walking ... and walking ... and walking.

So, am I disappointed. Of course.
Did I set a new "more realistic" goal - Yep.
Why? Why torture myself? Because I know it is the right thing to do for me and my health and my self-esteem. (What?! Confidence that I am God's Favorite doesn't mean that I don't occasionally get down about not being as fabulous as I know I can be...) So, I'm picking myself up, brushing myself off, bracing for the comments from well-meaning friends and relatives, and moving on. Going for a walk at lunch, wanna join me?

Be blessed.

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