12 March 2009

Even the small things matter

Thou shalt call, and I will answer thee. Job 14:15

Quiet as I have kept it, for the last four days, I have been in a panic because I could not find my iPod. I KNOW! Me, without my music! Unheard of, unbelievable, unthinkable. Last night, I was almost moved to tears because I thought I'd lost over 10,000 musical files - and that wasn't even taking into consideration all the video clips, pictures and other stuff I had on there. I spent hours retracing my steps from the last time I knew I had it (Sabbath, as I drove home from church). Did I bring it into the house? Did I take it out? Where could I have laid it down? Did I leave it on the GRTA bus? on my desk at work? in the car when it went to the mechanic? Where, oh where, could it be?

After tearing up my bedroom and the car last night, I finally got down on my knees and prayed about it. Yeah, I know...why did it take me so long? I don't know. Maybe I thought, "God is too busy running the universe to be concerned about me and my little iPod". Maybe I thought it was too trivial to bring before the Lord. I don't know. Even this morning, sick to my stomach, as I had my morning devotions, I still wasn't convicted that praying for my iPod was "important" enough in the scheme of things. But I finally did ask for His help in finding it. (even sent an email to my godsis, a prayer warrior to the highest power, asking her to pray on my behalf).

You know what's coming, don't you? Not even an hour later, I was pricked to check a bag that I carried to and from church on Sabbath. In my head, I was thinking, I already checked that bag, why am I being led to check that bag again? For some reason, I forgot that there was a side pocket on the outside of the bag - and I hadn't checked there. Guess what I found there? You got it! My iPod! Woo hoo!

When people are losing jobs, 401K are leaking money like collanders draining (wheat) pasta noodles , and people are sick and dying from cancer and other illnesses - it would seem that finding my portable musical playlists would not rate on God's scale of importance. But He cares. He cares about the "little" things that matter to us. What a wonderful thing to know and hold on to. I need to hold on to that more. I encourage you to do the same.

Be blessed.

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