27 March 2009

Does Satan exist?

Apparently, this is a question being asked by various people around the world. They talked about it on THE VIEW yesterday and NIGHTLINE had a program about it last night.

In the movie, THE USUAL SUSPECTS, one of the characters makes the comment: "The greatest trick of the devil was convincing people that he didn't exist." (or something very close to that). I haven't watched the NIGHTLINE program yet (but thank goodness for DVR technology), but on THE VIEW, Barbara Walters read a statistic that only 1% of young people (aged 18-23) believe in the "world view of Biblical teachings - in other words, that there is a heaven and a hell, that Jesus exists and so does the devil". Amazingly, only 9% of adults believe in this same world view. WHAT?! I mean, I know I'm a minority, but I didn't know I was a double minority!

I have to give Sherrie credit. When Barbara polled the women of THE VIEW if they personally believed in Jesus and the devil, only Sherrie and Elisabeth stated that they believed in both (and Elisabeth kinda waffled and said she believed in good and evil). When Barbara read the statistic above, Sherrie said, (and I paraphase here): "Well, that's good, but Jeffrey (her 3 year old son) will be taught about Jesus and the devil and he WILL believe in Jesus and he WILL believe in the devil." Kudos, Sherrie.

Just as I know and believe that Jesus Christ was born, lived for 33 years, was crucified, and rose again on the third day to return to heaven to mediate for my sins - I know that Lucifer, now called Satan, exists. I know this. I believe this. Not because my grandfather(s) and uncle preach(ed) it. Not because that's what my parents taught me as a child. Not because my pastors over the years have preached it from various pulpits in various churches through my life. I know it because of my personal experiences with both. Just as I believe I'm God's Favorite Child, I also believe that the enemy (Satan) has a personal vendetta against me sometimes. He's always trying to trip a sista up - and, unfortunately, sometimes he succeeds. But every day, I have a choice - I can embrace the sacrifice made on Calvary for me by Jesus - or believe the lies told by the enemy that I'm not worthy of that sacrifice so I might as well do evil, be evil - in other words, be like him.

Joshua 24:15 states: And if it seem evil unto you to serve the LORD, choose you this day whom ye will serve; ... but as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD. That's my choice. What's yours?

Have a great weekend and be blessed.

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