24 July 2008

Small miracles

Yesterday, I talked about my host of fabulous girlfriends and mentioned that I'd done a "girls night out" with a group of them on Tuesday evening - and mentioned fortune cookies. My fortune that night was "You will witness a miracle soon." (or something like that - I threw it away - one small step for this packrat.) One of my favorite R&B singers, the now deceased Luther Vandross sang, "Little miracles happen every day..." Anyway, it got me to thinking - how many miracles do I witness every day and take for granted?

Obviously, waking up each morning "clothed in my right mind with all my limbs and faculties working as they should" is a major one.

Having a job to go to every day that on most days, I love and enjoy - and that pays me well enough to meet my financial responsibilities - and still buy shoes at will and leisure. [Of course, right now, I am still on my "shoe shopping fast" (only one more month to go), but you get the picture!]

Family and friends that love me - in spite of...

Sunrises, sunsets, full moons, rainbows, flowers

Traveling on the crazy, traffic-congested, construction-obstructed roads and highways of a major metropolitan city every day without accident or incident

Food, food, glorious food

I could go on and on, but you get the picture. I admonish you to "stop and smell the roses" - learn to take time to appreciate the little things and the big things will be even more magnificent - take time to take stock of the many miracles that surround you every day. Maybe by doing that you will take your focus off of your problems and issues and concerns - and find relief from your burdens ('cause we all have them!)

Be blessed.

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