10 July 2008

He's a rock star!

This is not a political endorsement of any kind (you have to vote your conscience and heart), but I am a Barack Obama supporter. I haven't (yet) "put my money where my mouth is", but I probably will before the election foolishness is all over. Every four years, as the country makes a decision about the Presidency and the leadership of the country, there is a political frenzy - but this year, with the historic nature of the Democratic campaign, it has been crazier than usual - in part because of the charismatic nature of the now Democratic forerunner, Barack Obama.

Mr. Obama was recently in Atlanta for a fundraiser. The cost to stand in line to shake his hand was over $2000; the cost to have a picture taken with him $10,000 and to have dinner with the future President (hey, I'm just putting it out there!) - $28,500! Ok, a little steep for my budget, but I am blessed to be only 2 degrees of separation removed from the candidate. (I keep telling y'all - I'm am His Favorite!) One of my very good friends at work (and shoe shopping buddy extraordinaire), Cindy, works for an attorney who is very close to the Obama family and the campaign. [I know, you are thinking: Uh...that's 3 degrees, not 2 - but I'm friends with the attorney to, so I'm cutting my friend the secretary out for this scenario!] Anyway...the attorney was present at the dinner and got Mr. Obama to autograph Cindy's copy of EBONY magazine. Of course, Cindy wanted to share this with her friends, including me...so she brought the magazine over to my desk to show me. But, I wasn't there. [Talk about not being at the right place at the right time!]. Then she copied it and sent it to me in electronic format. Due to all the colors and text and...well, suffice it to say, the .pdf was not clear. So, I ALWAYS have my camera with me...ALWAYS. I volunteered to take a picture of the cover for HER...[of course, it was for HER!]. The photo is attached to this blog.

But the funny thing is the buzz that this autograph has caused among Cindy's circle of friends and influence. Already, someone has offered her money for the magazine. The magazine is being kept in a protective cover and plans for a shadow box display (with all her other Obama paraphenalia) is being discussed and scheduled. And he hasn't even become President yet! But the excitement surrounding this candidate is phenomenal....people want to be near him, people want to hear what he has to say, and if someone you know has heard him, then you want to hear what he said, how he looked, what his message was...

Reminds me of how the people flocked to see and hear Jesus when He walked the earth. [I am NOT calling Barack Obama our Savior or Messiah - I am NOT making THAT comparison - I am making a point! Bear with me...] The Bible tells us that wherever Jesus showed up, there was a crowd of people waiting to hear what He had to say - because what He said was different...it fed their souls...it nourished their minds...it pointed them to the Father. I bet if there was an Ebony magazine back in those days, He would have been on the cover and people would have clamored for His autograph as well.

And yet, He gave something so much more important: He gave His life for you and me. Nothing against Mr. Obama, but I bet he wouldn't do that for any of us. And, even if he did, it wouldn't have the same eternal meaning that Christ's sacrifice did and does. I pray every day for Mr. Obama and his family. I encourage you to do the same. Unfortunately, we live in a world where everyone may not be so happy for him to become President. The next few months until the election will be interesting.

Be blessed.

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