02 July 2008

Just for me...

Donnie McClurkin sings a song, JUST FOR ME, that causes me to tear up every time I hear it or sing it (in the car, shower - NOT in public). Lyrics include: What does the cross of Jesus mean? It's more than words you sing, much more than that emblem hanging on your chain...


And our lesson study for church this week talks about Christ, His crucifixtion, but more importantly, His resurrection and what that means to us as Christians. BUT, do we really think about the cost He paid for us? I know that I don't think about it as much as I should. If I did, I wouldn't do some of the things I continue to do...but that's the subject of another blog at another time....maybe.

One of my favorite Christian authors (Ellen G. White) admonishes us that we should spend some time EVERY DAY reflecting on the cross and the sacrifice made there for our sins. EVERY DAY...I cannot think of anything I think about EVERY day...not even Denzel or Shemar. (Ok, maybe Shemar...sigh) But I can see the importance of thinking on the sacrifice Christ made for...me. And He would have done it JUST FOR ME.

Have you ever really sat down and thought about that? IF everyone else on the world was perfect, never messed up, never did anything wrong - followed all God's commandments, treated everyone with love, compassion and mercy, shared their abundance with joy and not begrudging - if EVERYONE else did that and I was the only one to mess up, the only one to be mean, irritable, nasty, disobedient, intemperate...If I was the only one - Christ would have still given up glory and His place next to His Father on the throne - become a babe in a manager and died on the cross JUST FOR ME. Unbelievable! And He would have done the same thing JUST FOR YOU as well.

Something to think about. Something to ponder. Something to hopefully change your life.

Be blessed.

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