08 July 2008


Alarm sounds, hit the snooze, alarm sounds again, groan, turn over, look blearly at the clock, get out of bed, go to the bathroom, get back in bed, turn on the light, adjust the pillows, say a prayer for understanding, read the morning watch, study the Sabbath School lesson, pray, check out Facebook, write a blog, check the time, type faster, shut down the computer, take a shower, make a lunch (ok, sometimes this part gets skipped), write the "honey do" list for my retired mom, turn on the news (only for traffic and weather reports), get dressed, dump and repack purse and work carryall, check my blood sugars (yeah, this doesn't always happen either - sorry, Dr. Schramm), go to the bathroom one mo' time again before the commute, wake up the mom so she can drop me off at the commuter bus, get on the morning prayer call, commute to work, arrive at work safely (God willing) ... and all this happens BEFORE 7:00a usually.

Just writing that - I'm tired already...and yet, that is my weekday routine (few tweaks here and there depending on the circumstances), but to do what I do, I have to have "guidelines", a routine, some order in all the chaos. And when I am out of my element - on vacation, a day off, the weekend - the routine gets dropped and it ain't always pretty. This was brought home to me very clearly on my recent trip to DC for the Independence Day holiday. I was "off my game", not in a way that was immediately visible to others, but I felt discombobulated a lot because my routine was off - because things were not done in their usual manner.

I wonder if God has a "routine"? I mean, I know "He never sleeps, He never slumbers" (and praise Him for that!), but ... when you are keeping the universe in line, and making sure the planets don't collide with each other, and that the sun shines in the daytime and the moon shines at night; and sending the rain on the just and the unjust, and keeping the birds singing and the flowers blooming and the animals roaming, and answering the prayers of the saints and the desperate, and comforting the bereaved, and healing the sick, and laughing at the foolishness of the human being who calls herself your Favorite Child ... do you have to have a routine to keep it all going the way it is supposed to go? Or are you just God and it just happens that way without effort, thought, or planning?

Just another thing I need to make it to heaven so I can ask for myself, I guess.

Be blessed.

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