29 July 2008

"Give us this day...

...our daily bread." Matt. 6:11

Have you ever thought about what this text REALLY means? We live in a world of excess...we have multiple homes, multiple cars, multiple televisions, cell phones, BlackBerrys. As Americans, we throw away almost as much food as we physically consume - and think little or nothing about it when we do. I have even had the experience of offering a homeless person something to eat and have them tell me that they didn't like strawberry yogurt and if that was all I had to offer, they would pass. Ok, is it just me or if you are asking for money for food and someone offers you food, wouldn't you accept it EVEN IF it wasn't your favorite flavor? I'm just saying.

Back in Jesus' day (and in some cultures today), there wasn't this type of waste. I have never been to France, but I understand that the culture there is to every day go to the bakery and get bread for the day. "Daily bread", get it. In order words, the Parisiens only get what they will need for just that day. There is little or no waste.

Too often, when we petition the Lord with our requests, we ask for the sun, moon, stars and throw in a couple of planets while you're at it...instead of just asking for strength for the day and the trials inherent in that specific 24 hours. "This day". Jesus reminds us with this short little phrase that all we need help with is the immediate. We don't have to worry about tomorrow or next week or next year - in truth, none of those are promised to us anyway. Yes, we are to "occupy" until...make plans and set goals, but don't "worry" about them in the moment. And trust God to give you just what you need just for today.

Be blessed.

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