18 November 2008

Unused blessings...

I hope you can see this picture. This is the view from the bed & breakfast where I celebrated my 44th birthday weekend. The view of Stone Mountain Park is not truly done justice by this picture, but you get the idea. It was a nice, relaxing, restful time away from home where I could "relax, relate, release" and spend some "me time" rejuvenating my spirit...all desperately needed.

One of the reasons I picked this bed & breakfast for my "in town getaway" was the advertisement for the room, which included an in-room fireplace, veranda and whirlpool jacuzzi tub! Woo hoo...yeah, I took advantage of NONE of those amenities! It was too cool to sit out on the veranda - although I did walk out there to take this picture (hahaha). I was out too late both evenings to start the fire - I have this thing about not going to bed while there is a live fire burning...I know, you have the fireplace guard and you can be safe, but I ain't going to bed while there are open flames burning...call me crazy if you want to...And even though I kept saying, "I should start the water in the Jacuzzi and go swim in it for a minute (it was HUGE!)", that never happened either. I kept putting it off and off and then, voila! the time for my retreat was over and it was time to return home to reality.

It got me to thinking though. One of my favorite Adventist writers, Ellen G. White, talks about how when we get to heaven, God will reveal to us a storehouse of blessings that we did not receive because we didn't ask for them or, we didn't tap into them when we had the opportunity. How stupid of it was for me NOT to take advantage of the very things I went to the B&B to take advantage of. Now, don't get me wrong - I have a very enjoyable, relaxing time - it just could have been better. I have a wonderful life now - but it could be better if I would just lay hold of, take claim of the blessings God just has waiting for me if I would just ask. What about you? What blessings are you not laying claim to? Wouldn't today be a good day to start?

Be blessed.

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