19 November 2008


I have said this before but, I LOVE FACEBOOK! I am such an addict. Being on FB (as it is affectionately called) has connected me in new ways with people I see everyday (shout out to Alvin and Libby!); with people who I used to know but who have moved away and we are not as close due to lack of proximity (shout out to Janice M and Leah M); introduced me to new people who have become meaningful in their own way (shout out to Charlie G and Janice E); allowed me to show off my competitive side with Word Twist and Scramble challenges (shout out to Beth W and Everet L); and just yesterday, reunited me with my stepsister who I have not spoken to, heard from or otherwise had contact with in at least ten years.

Ok, those of you who know me well are like, "YOU, not be in contact with someone for a decade of time! You are ALWAYS in contact with EVERYBODY!" Yeah, I know...hard to believe. I still have address books with peoples' contact information from high school and that's been over 25 years ago. But the situation with my mom and stepfather, and consequently my relationship with my stepsister and stepbrother, is complicated. Without going into family history and skeletons and ... mess, suffice it to say, our parents' breakup and divorce was not amicable and when you are children/young adults - you take your parent's side...no matter what...and that is the way it was...and is. And I honor and respect that.

However, about six months ago, I was impressed to pray for Nicki and Todd. Every morning. "And bless Nicki and Todd, wherever they are." Every morning. Even as our parents recently headed to court to hash out a property settlement agreement that was 20 years in the making - and a lot of old feelings (read: negative) about my stepfather resurfaced - I still prayed. Every morning. And God answered my prayer with a friend request on Facebook from a name I didn't recognize and a picture too small to verify if it was indeed the woman I had been praying for. (did I mention: I was praying for her every morning?)

We haven't talked yet. I gave her my cell phone number and I hope she will call me. So we can talk and catch up. I didn't have a sister growing up - never really wanted one. She never had one either - until our parents married in February 1978, and we were "forced" into each other's lives. We had fun, as only children can have. We had conflicts, as only children can have. We had the whole "jockeying" for position that siblings have. But, when I think of her (and Todd), it is always with fondness. When I think of how their mother, Toni, included me and my brother Kevin in activities and events, it makes me smile - because she didn't have to do it, but she did. She was very kind to us...even when we probably didn't deserve her kindness.

Reunions can be difficult - especially when time has passed and people have grown up, apart and away from each other, but I am praying that this reunion will be wonderful and that a new, mature friendship and "sisterhood" can be forged. I hope that being in contact with her will help me get in contact with my "other brother" Todd. That would be great. I'm praying to that end. Won't you pray with me?

Be blessed.

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