11 December 2008

What a way to spend the day...

One of the loves of my life is live theatre. Jonathan Larson, who gained fame and recognition for writing the play RENT before he died, also wrote a play that I was able to see called TICK TICK BOOM! On the eve of his 30th birthday, Jonathan questions if he has made the right choice in pursuing his dream of fame and fortune as a playwright when it seems as if he has failed over and over and over again. In a song titled WHY, he writes: "With only so much time to spend, Don't want to waste the time I'm given, Have it all, Play the game...some recommend. I'm afraid it just may be time to give in." Shortly after writing TTB, his play RENT was noticed by the powers that be (including musical genius, Stephen Sondheim) and we all know what a success that show became. Unbelievably, Jonathan Larson died on the night of the dress rehearsal of RENT and never witnessed the phenomenon that the show would become.

I'm writing about Jonathan Larson because as I listened to this song on my iPod this morning, I was envious of his discovery of the passion of his life. As he contemplates the joys and struggles of making his dream come true, he pens the chorus of the same song which states: "Hey, what a way to spend the day...hey, what a way to spend the day. I make a vow, right here and now, I'm gonna spend my life this way." It made me wonder about the passion of my life. Do I really have something that motivates me to get up and move every morning? Is there anything in my life that I enjoy so much that I'd want to spend all day doing it? I mean, I love to travel, but would I want to do it ALL the time? I love to write, but I am not disciplined enough to do it EVERY day as I would need to be in order to be truly successful doing it. And there are other passions I have as well - but nothing that moves me with such dedication and fervor that I cannot think of anything but that one thing to do with my life.

At the suggestion of a dear friend, I am reading a book called THE SHACK. The book is a story about a man named Mack who has an encounter with God after a brutal tragedy hits his family. (Bear with me, I'm going to pull this all together, I promise). The book expounds on the love that the Godhead has for Mack (and mankind) in general. And how it is love that motivates everything that God does for us - from Creation to Christ's birth, life, death and resurrection to the daily trials and tribulations we go through - it is all based on the principle of love.

So, I think God's favorite way to spend the day is to shower us with His love, grace and mercy - if we will just stop, look around and appreciate all that He has done (and continues to do) for us. I believe it is God's passion and motivation every day to show us His love for us. I pray that we are taking the time to see it, experience it and then share it with others.

I don't know if you know what your passion is, but if you do, I hope you are doing everything within your power to pursue it. Life is too short for regrets. If you don't know what it is yet - ask God for direction - I bet He'll let you know.

Be blessed.

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