27 December 2008

"I have prepared a place for you"....

My mother has a goldfish bowl. She is currently out of town and it has fallen upon me to feed the little jokers. And if that is not bad enough, their water has gotten a little murky, so I needed to change the water. Ok, anyone who knows me knows that I am not an animal (and yes, that includes fish) person. I don't get the whole "I gotta feed you but you ain't bringing no money into the house" thing...may be why my brother doesn't live with me, but I digress. (and I am kinda joking...no, not really.)

So, back to the goldfish. I got the new vase to put them in all ready for them. Rocks on the bottom, cool water that had been sitting for at least 24 hours so that their systems would not be shocked by the change in environment...their new home was prepared and ready. So as I get the scoop to transfer them, do you think they swam peacefully into the scoop to be transported to their new home? OF COURSE NOT! They ducked and dodged and swam as near to the rocks as they could to avoid being caught. I eventually caught them all and they are now swimming happily in their new abode (as evidenced by the picture I snapped and attached.)

But you know this made me think about how we react when God puts us into "new environs" - it may be a new job (or the loss of an old one), or a new relationship or something else that is different. Do we act like my mom's goldfish and resist the change? Or do we trust that He has promised to "prepare a place" for us BEFORE He moves us? I know I am not always as trusting as I should be, but I am striving to change that. I pray that you are as well.

Be blessed.

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