02 June 2008

Six degrees of separation

There is a theory that everyone is connected to everyone else in the world by only six degrees of separation. Meaning, there are only six people standing between you and anyone else in the world - the problem is getting to know those six people at the right time. I was only two degrees away from Shemar Moore a few years ago. He was filming in Atlanta and one of the guys I would eventually work with in the future was on set as his body double. Now, if I'd only known Wesley while he was working as Shemar's body double, we could have met, he would have fallen madly in love with me (because, of course, who wouldn't?) and all of you would be jealous whenever you saw the pictures of how happy we were together in our Los Angeles/New York/Atlanta homes. (Hey! Sometimes a fantasy life is all a sista has...)

And this theory plays itself out in other aspects of my life as well. I attended a small college in Huntsville, AL for my freshman year of college over 25 years ago. Recently, some alumni created a social networking page just for the college's alumni, supporters, students and staff. One of the features available is the "connections" feature and when you view someone's profie in order to "connect" with someone, you are told how many degrees you are "separated" from this person. And depending on how you already have set up your connections, you can be directly connected or separated by various degrees. I love closing the connections though, so that I have "direct connections" with most people. I have reconnected with old friends - and made some new ones through this process.

But think about...only six people (or less) separates you from anyone in the world. I work with someone who is very involved in one of the Democratic candidates' campaigns - so, according to this theory, I am either two or three (or four if the Republican nominee wins) degrees away from the next President of the United States. How exciting is that - in theory. I just found out that one of my cousins, by virtue of an organization that she is involved with, has been invited to the inaugural festivities next year, so she's even closer than me...good thing I like her, otherwise, I might have to take her out so I can go in her stead. (Just kidding, Caron!)

Aren't you glad that there are NO degrees of separation between us and our Heavenly Father? We are always directly connected to Him - even when we feel far far away from His will and/or His presence in our life - He is right there. I am so glad about that. It is a wonderful promise that we can each hang onto as we face each day.

Be blessed.

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