27 January 2010

What is your plan?

Recently, I had a random conversation with a dear friend of mine from college who is approaching the "end" of her academic career and who is in the "final" stages of preparing to receive her doctorate in the field of communications. We were discussing what that means to her and what her next steps would be when I made a statement that stopped her in her tracks, but which I have kind of settled in my soul for a minute: I don't have any long-term goals for my life right now.

Yeah, that is cause for a pause. In our goal-oriented society, that is a startling statement to make, but if someone were to approach me and ask me what my "5 year plan" for my life is right now, I would have to look at them with a blank stare and admit I did not have one. And truly, haven't had one for a while. I remember when I first started my career at the law firm where I am currently employed, the gentlemen interviewing me asked me where I saw myself in five years if I were still with the company - and I gave him a very lofty, self-important answer (which actually came to fruition long before the five years was up). I recognize that there is "value" in having goals - visualization helps you move from where you are to where you need to be - I get that...so, why do I not currently have a vision of where I want/need to be in my life?

It is something to truly ponder, but I am not "worried" about it. In time, I am sure it will be revealed to me what it is I am supposed to be focusing on, striving towards, setting my sights on. This is the time of year when most people sit back and take stock and set their goals. We are only 27 days into a new year, new decade - and lots of you (cause I did not) set resolutions as to what you were going to change or do different this year - and I have watched (on Facebook) my friends who are eating better, exercising more, being creative - all wonderful things IF you can sustain them - reach your goal and full potential. Some will, and some won't. Some will trumpet every success and some will sink into depressions about their "failures". But regardless of the successes or the missteps you will make along the way to your goals, I am proud of you for at least starting on the path. And I will applaud loudly when you reach your goal because that is what friends do: they cheer you along the way and then stand behind the finish line with roses, support, and cups of water.

I DO want to have a "plan" (on some level). I mean, there are things I want to achieve: lose weight (isn't that everyone's goal these days?); secure my financial stability (again) by becoming credit card debt free by the end of the year - ok, realistically, the end of next year; achieve and maintain better health and get off all these (insert expletive) diabetic medications; write more, love more, etc., etc., but what I am talking about is something that is deeper, more fulfilling, more....something.

Goals motivate you and help you focus on the important things in life - but what that plan will be, and when I will find time to implement it (cause that is the other side of the battle)...that is something we will all have to wait for God to reveal - and then for me to accept into my life (and schedule) and then to move on as I work towards that end. If you know what your plan is, I encourage you to "work it". If you don't, I implore you to find it - as I will strive to find mine.

Be blessed.

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