15 April 2009

Guilty Pleasures...

WARNING: this is gonna be one of those blogs that will make my parents and grandmother go, "I never knew that about you." It always cracks me up when they say that - like, just because they gave birth to me and/or have known me all my life, they have instant knowledge to EVERYTHING that makes me who I am. Anyway, brace yourselves...

This morning, I indulged myself and walked from my office to the closest Chick-fil-A so I could get a chicken-n-cheese biscuit (with strawberry jam), hash browns and a small coffee (and all the Adventists reading this gasp in horror) with 4 hazelnut creamers (but no sugar which is almost a step in the right direction considering my diabetes). Fortunately, I don't eat like this every morning (my intention was to get a mushroom and spinach pandini from Starbucks this morning, but they were all out; hence the hike to Chick-fil-A), but every once in a while, you have to treat yourself.

But as I was chowing down, I started thinking about other "guilty pleasures" in my life - that I indulge in that don't really do any harm in the scheme of things (or do they?) that I don't really like admitting to others that I do. Like: reading romantic (and sometimes very erotic) novels; talking trash with exboyfriends and potential prospects; drinking coffee and wine more than my religious beliefs dictate and allow; watching soft porn on cable ('cause let's admit it, that is all Zane's show really is); and being a thief of raw sugar packets from wherever I can find them. Nothing that will cause the world to stop spinning on its axis or that will further impact the economic, social or moral downfall of this country - but, isn't there still a cost associated with each of these behaviours? I think there is.

The Bible tells us that we are to "guard the avenues of our souls." We've all heard the sermons - watch what you read, listen to, watch on TV, even who you associate with as friends and acquaintances - because all of these things impact you - some times in overt ways, other times - much more subtly. And, as they impact you - they affect those around you as well.

There's a poem that I heard a loooong time ago that stays with me to this day. Paraphasing it here, the question is asked, what would you do if Jesus came to visit you today? Would you have to change your favorite TV channel listings and remove your favorite books/magazines/CDs off the table? (Updating to modern times): Could Jesus listen to your iPod or MP3 player without you wiping it clean? Could He pull up your hard drive on your computer and look at all your files and saved images? Could He sit with you and your friends at lunchtime and join in on the conversation - or would your conversations have to change because He was present at the table? Just something to think about...I know there would be some things that I would not do if I was in the physical presence of the Lord every single minute of the day - but, the reality is: we are. Just because we cannot see Him doesn't mean He isn't there.

Something to think about as you go through the day.
Be blessed.

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