11 January 2011


But ye, brethren, be not weary in well doing. 2 Thessalonians 3:13

It’s the beginning of a New Year. We are eleven days in and I have a question: how many have fallen short on a resolution already? I feel you hanging your heads in shame – I feel you. I’m right there with you. You start off the New Year – full of good intentions – determined that THIS year is gonna be different, gonna be better. You will be more loving, more kind, more devoted. You have set a goal (whether it is a new one or an old one that has been pulled out the drawer, dusted off and polished for this year) – and here you are, 11 days later and already, you’ve dropped the ball, fallen off the wagon, reverted to your old patterns. Well, I’m here to offer encouragement (I hope) that you can start again. Your momentary lapse doesn’t have to be the end game for the year.

In December 2010, NBC had a reality show called THE SING OFF. In its second season, the only reason this show caught my attention was because some friends of mine were contestants for the show. This group of young men, COMMITTED, captured the hearts of America and seemed destined to win the grand prize. Even the judges seemed to be on their side – complimenting them over and over on their style, grace, “bell tones”, and even their name (but more on that later). The weekend of the vote, Facebook was abuzz with reminders to “vote for Committed”. Fresh off of Brandy’s unfair loss on Dancing with the Stars, the friends/family/fans of Committed were determined that the “right” group would win this contest, this time. And their perseverance, multiple votes, and commitment to the cause paid off. On December 20, 2010, Committed was crowned second season winners of the Sing-Off, changing their lives forever. Overnight, fame, fortune, money and a record contract was theirs for the taking.

About a week later, I woke up convinced and convicted that our work as supporters of these young men was not over. That just as we voted for them to win the contest, we needed to continue to support them with our prayers. So, I started a fan page on Facebook called COMMITTED TO PRAYING FOR COMMITTED where fans/friends/family could join in a year-long campaign to pray for the members of this group individually and for the group as a whole. Each day of the week is dedicated to an individual member of the group and then on Sabbaths, we pray for the group as a whole. In less than 2 weeks, there were over 2,000 people who liked the page and committed to this cause.

Spearheading this effort will take a 365 day commitment on my part – and let me tell you, there have already been days when I am not as on top of it as I would like to be. People mean well. They say they will do something for a year – and then, 11 days later, find themselves dropping the ball. No condemnation in that statement – it’s just human nature. But, I hope people will help hold my feet to the fire on this commitment. Because I firmly believe it is important. These young men are Committed – not only because that is the name of their group, but they are committed in their belief and convictions about their relationship with God and how He has placed them where He has placed them. I am told that when NBC wanted them to rehearse and do production stuff on the Sabbath, they stood firm to their beliefs and said “No.” As a result, the NBC production schedule was changed to accommodate them. Now, THAT is powerful stuff – but God honors those who honor Him. I believe these young men will go far in their musical careers as long as they hold on to their beliefs, relationships and commitments to the Lord.

I invite you to join the campaign. Even if you don’t pray every day, whenever they cross your mind – whether it is an individual in the group (DJ, Tommy, Robbie, Therry, Maurice or Geston) or the group as a whole – prayer is a powerful thing. Send one up for them and watch the two-fold blessings unfold.

Be blessed.

© 2011 Kristina E. Smith
Tuesday, January 11, 2011

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