04 May 2009

Protected through the storms

I wasn’t feeling well last night – couldn’t put my finger on the cause or even what EXACTLY was wrong – just not feeling 100%. I went to bed last night praying that I would feel better in the morning. During the night, unbeknownst to me, storms raged, tornado funnel clouds formed over the city, trees crashed to the ground, people lost power – in other words, we were in the midst of (yet another) severe weather system. And yet, I slept peacefully through it. Didn’t even have to get up for a potty break during the night. (OK, that might have been TMI, I apologize…)

So, imagine my surprise when I woke up this morning and discovered all the mayhem and chaos that ensued during the night. Really!? Tornado watches and warnings and traffic having to be detoured because of downed trees. People displaced because of trees crashing around and into their homes. Streets flooded due to torrential rains during the night. Yet, I heard nothing…no winds, no rain, no thunder, no lightening. And before you start thinking, “Wow, she was sleeping hard”, let’s set the record straight – I am usually a pretty light sleeper. I don’t wake up for every creak or noise (imagined or real), but you’d think with all the noise this weather system was probably making, I should have heard something! Nope. Nothing.

I think peace in the middle of crazy storms comes from knowing Who is in control of the situation regardless. I went to sleep asking for God’s protection and then trusted that He would protect through the storm. Before I even turned on the TV this morning and found out what happened overnight around me, I thanked Him for protecting our house from “fire, flood and invasion”. I don’t take His protection for granted, but I am amazed at the peace I continually have because of His protection.

Now, don’t get me wrong: I am not saying that God wasn’t protecting the people who lost their homes or who suffered property damage – as far as I know, there was no loss of life, so in my view, He still protected. Property and things can be replaced, in time. Lost power will eventually be restored. Trees can be replanted and eventually, the water will absorb back into the earth or evaporate. It could have been worse.

I am reminded of another storm…one found in the Bible where the disciples are crossing a calm lake after a long day of ministry. Jesus goes to the bottom of the boat and goes to sleep. As He sleeps, a storm brews up and rages against the boat. Caught up in the drama of the storm and fearful that they were about to lose their lives, the disciples are amazed to discover that Jesus is sleeping peacefully through it all. See, He knew He was protected and safe – even in the midst of the storm. Oh to have that same peace and assurance whenever we are going through a storm: whether it is a physical rain, hail, thunder and lightning storm – or the emotional storm of financial worries, job losses, death of loved ones, marital stress – or the spiritual storm of not knowing Who holds us and loves us through all the other storms of life.

Praying you find peace in the midst of your storm today.
Be blessed.

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