27 March 2008

Why I chose this name for my blog...

A few years ago, I started referring to myself as "God's Favorite Child". My family knows this. My co-workers know this. My church members know this. EVERYONE knows this. It all came about from a random conversation I had with a friend as we were driving back from lunch one day. We were talking about the goodness of God and how He blesses us with wonderful, marvelous things - in spite of ourselves. And I made the comment that His blessings were always specific to me and how I wished I had a t-shirt that said "I am my Heavenly Father's Favorite Child". That November, for my birthday, she presented me with my T-shirt - personalized with my name on the front! I took it and RAN with it!

Now, I know you are probably sitting there thinking, "Ok, she's crazy, because I am His favorite." You can think that, but do you have the T-shirt to prove it? Probably not. (hahaha)

But the wonderful thing about the God I know, love and strive to serve: we ALL are His favorites...He made us each individually for a specific, precise reason. And He blesses us in the specific ways that we need to be blessed. It is my desire that this blog will be a way for me to bring glory to Him - even as I vent about things that impact, affect, and trip me up.

And I'll try not to brag too much when He shows up and shows out for me (which He does often) because after all,...I am His favorite!

Be blessed!

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